System 2000 Boiler Services

Maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system with a System 2000 Boiler from Boiler King. We are the premier dealers for Energy Kinetics in the Montgomery, New York, area. Your heating and hot water system is a lifetime investment. Ensure you’re making the right choice for your boiler system. Learn more about the many benefits of owning a System 2000 Boiler.

The Maintenance Agreement

The maintenance agreement includes your annual cleaning and service of your System 2000 Boiler. Whether your system runs off oil or propane, it’s important to maintain the condition of the system by having a yearly cleaning. We understand there may be times when your system may have some trouble. With our maintenance agreement services, you get a 10% discount for any required parts and labor that throughout the year. The annual rate for our maintenance agreement service is $304.99 plus tax.

Emergency Care with the Maintenance Agreement

During the winter months, November 1 through April 15, we will come to you, should you have an emergency. Whether you have no heat, a leak, or your system is smoking; we come out any time of the day. There are no overtime rates either. With our maintenance agreement, you also receive 10% off parts and labor.

For Example

Mr. Smith woke up on Tuesday November 15, at 2 a.m. without heat. He calls Boiler King since he has a maintenance agreement. This is what he paid:

Service Charge (Includes up to 1 Hour of Labor): $169.99
Zone Valve Replacement: $156.00
Total with Discounted Rates: $293.39

When Mr. Jones calls at 3 a.m. and doesn’t have heat or the maintenance agreement, it’s quite different. Without a contract, this is what he paid:

Service Charge (Includes up to 1 Hour of Labor): $269.00
Replaced Zone Valve: $156.00
Total for Service Call: $425.99

Total Savings with the Agreement: $132.60

It pays to have a maintenance agreement with Boiler King.